Product innovation and Design systems for Startups and Corporations
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Sensemaking at scale.
Lighthouse is an AI-powered sensemaking tool that delivers a detailed, bottom-up view of an organization's work environment. Focusing on dynamics within leadership, collaboration, and culture it conducts deep and reflective interviews across the full workforce. The results are compiled into clear, concise reports, revealing key patterns and insights on the collective experience of the organisation.
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Jonathans people focused leadership approach combined with his ability to traverse from pixel to management level made him a great contributor to our projects at Doconomy
Fredrik Lagerträd, CTO at Doconomy
A furious romance with the deconstruction and creation of systems and ideas
Jonathan collaborates with startups and corporations globally on product innovation and adaptive systems. Recognising that how we create and what we create ultimately shape us in return, he believes in continuous deconstruction and creation of systems and ideas. Reshaping them to fit new needs in ever-changing environments.

As a designer, he partners with teams and founders to execute bold ideas. He works hands-on at all levels of the process, setting direction for beautiful and functional products that land customer value.

Educated in design at Hyper Island from 2013 to 2015. More recently Customer centricity at Trinity Business School and facilitation training at Zenergy in Sydney.